In 2010 we formally opened a new hiking route which will take you around Kerlingarfjoll in 3 days. On the route there are two small huts, the Klakkur hut which is SE of Kerlingarfjoll and then the hut at Kisubotnar at the NE edge of Kerlingarfjoll. The route is approximately 47km in total and the landscape is extraordinary.

Demanding walk

start: Ásgarður

end: Ásgarður

altitude: 720 m

altit.end: 720 m

elevation: 1750 m

route lenght: 47 km

marked: 720 m

est. time: 3 days


The Ring Route is a 3 day hiking route, of about 47 km, that will take you around Kerlingarfjoll. On this route you will go through the Geothermal areas, pass valleys, cross small rivers and canyons and experience the wilderness of Iceland.

There are two huts on the route so you do not have to bring a tent. The route begins at the main building and ends at the main building.

If you who want to experience the nature of Iceland without being on crowded tourist routes this is certainly one of the best options for you.


Map of the route

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